Harrisons Horse Drawn Hearse is for those wanting something special.

The splendour of the white horses Tabitha and Andy leading the beautiful Hearse circa 1865, restored to its original condition, is a sight to see. Authentic harness, polished brass lamps and ostrich plumes complete the presentation.  Services held at the Ridgehaven Chapel with the arrival of the hearse followed by the formality of then carrying your loved one from the hearse into the chapel can make for a truly memorable tribute.


Bentley Hearse

Harrisons are proud to now be able to provide one of the most prestigious vehicles in the world, the Bentley Continental Flying Spur. The conversion for this vehicle from sedan to a hearse was performed by W.D. Hadley, Sydney, Australia.

Horse Drawn Gallery

Live Streaming

  • All services can be live streamed
  • Recording of the service can be recovered for up to 12 months and can be downloaded

This is a free service at our Harrison Chapels. Please contact us for more information.